Design-Creatives - Web Banner Portfolio © 2010. Based in Michigan USA Thomas JS Brown 517-599-5613  Of all the work I do, making eye catching, visually stimulating animated web banners is my absolute favorite. Typically, clickthroughs range somewhere in the neighborhood of 1%-3%, and animated banners are always going to drive more traffic than static ones.  Having said that, making a successfull banner is not just about CTR, but properly tapping into your target audience’s interests with the right combination of imagery and ad copy. logo graphic 120 x 60 Buttons 234 x 60 Buttons 125 x 125 Banners 300 x 250 Banners 468 x 80 Banners 450 x 171 Banners 160 x 600 Banners 728 x 90 Banners