Welcome to Design-Creatives.com © Creative-Designs.com 2010. Based in Michigan USA Thomas JS Brown 517-599-5613  I’ve included a variety of completed works on this page including logo and stationery  designs for smaller local companies as well as print ads that have had national exposure. Design-Creatives.com logo graphic Print Design Welcome to my portfolio page. I’ve been doing graphic, print and web design for close to 10 years. My print work has been in national publications such as Flex and Muscluar Development and scores of fitness related catalogs, publications and promotional materials. Feel free to look around and if you have any questions please, contact me here  My Name is Thomas JS Brown I’ve done hundreds of web banners over the years. My personal favorties are those that feature lots of eye catching animation. Having said that, I’m fully capable of producing “clean” minimalistic work as well. Web Banner Design 3-D word design render scaled down animated  banner 3-D design is becoming a neccessity for all working designers these days. Many companies are using 3-D models to prototype their products before going into production. It’s a cost effective way of testing new product packaging designs and retail displays. 3-D Design 3-D render of a supplement bottle model LG Sciences muscleman tribal logo sticker